Friday, May 2, 2014

Boy, girl, twins, triplets

Ok so we knew it wasn't twins or triplets, but do you remember that song from jumping rope? 

So it is a girl! We are having a girl. Justin was sure it was a girl. I felt very strongly that it was a girl, I just didn't have that much confidence in my feelings. 

I think it has now gotten more real for everyone that we are really having a baby. I know it has for me. Ava walks around talking about her sister all the time and before she was pretty neutral. I have a little under 19 weeks left if I go to my due date to get everythig ready. I know it seems like a lot of time, and it is, but if you knew how easily a week can go by without anything getting done, even the dishes because of how busy we are and how rarely we are home, you will understand that I more or less feel like I have a month left. I have 5 more weeks of juggling the kids school and homework and three jobs and then I will just have to worry about three jobs. Easy stuff!

I have gotten as far as planning colors for the room, planned to sell some of the bigger toys I the way and donate the rest, bought a few diapers, and made a little registry (partially to have a list of what I need to get!), and that is about it. Hopefully we will have a name by September!

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Surprise! (to you)

Surprise all, we are having another baby!  Apparently this news was surprising to many people.  Maybe it will be the 5 year age gap between Rhys and the new baby. Maybe it is because people assumed that because we had a boy and a girl we were done.  Either way, we are excited about it.  The kids are super excited about it. We find out next week if it is a boy or a girl.  I have done it both ways, waiting to find out and finding out and I honestly think it is more exciting to find out halfway through.  I don't get the "only a few good surprises in life" thing.  It is still a surprise when you find out early.  It isn't like I am peeking now and just not telling anyone.

We got rid of most of our baby stuff over the last year or two because it was old and took up a lot of space which we don't have.  I was not about to rent a storage unit to hold on to baby stuff.  The nice thing about it being baby #3, I know what baby gadgets I will actually use and what will just take up space.  Plus I know how short a time I will use things so I am more than happy to accept hand me downs for most things!

I used cloth diapers for a while with Ava. I looked into them when I was pregnant with her and I thought I had to find a diaper service or something and there really weren't any in the area. I had no idea there were different options out there.  Around 9 months to a year, I switched to cloth.  It didn't work as well as I had hoped, primarily because my day care provider was unwilling to use cloth, so I was still having to buy diapers.  Other than that, I really liked them.  We didn't have rashes or leaks or anything.  At some point I switched back to disposables all the way, and I really don't remember why now.  Maybe it was because it was summer?  I have no idea.  I planned to use them from day 1 with Rhys and I chickened out.  I think I was slightly intimidated at the work load of two kids.  The only thing I don't love about cloth diapers is the bulkiness of the butt sometimes. I think I wanted his little newborn butt to look as tiny as it could be in his diapers.  So I chickened out.  At one point I did use cloth on him at night because he was leaking all the time in disposables, but that was it.

Well I am going all in! I am preparing to cloth diaper from the beginning.  Big butts oh well.  We will see how it goes, but many of the so called obstacles I saw before will be gone.  I have recently discovered this whole world out there of co-ops that sell cloth diapers.  They are cheap but I probably won't get them.  There is a whole slew of reasons out there, but primarily because the designs are copied from small business owners own designs, made in China and sold for half as much.  I kind of feel like that is stealing from the small businesses. Anyway, it is time to go get Rhys from preschool.  Only 6 weeks left! Stay tuned for more cloth diapering adventures. I know you will care (not really at all) but I like to talk to myself about things so there you go.

Monday, December 30, 2013

Giant nerd

I got a new set of bamboo knitting needles for Christmas. I also got a little cashola. What do those two things together mean? Yarn!

 I am about 2/3 of the way done with a baby blanket for my friend and her shower is next weekend. I will be glad when it is over. The yarn is beautiful. The pattern is interesting. I am just tired of making blankets!  I think as long as I make sure I remember to work on it everyday, I will be done in time. 

In time for what? My Downton Abbey mystery knit along. So in a week or so I should get a couple skeins of this in the mail. 
I worked hard at editing that picture. Don't judge. 

It is an alpaca silk blend. I can't wait to touch it. Anyway, during the new season of the show, Jimmy Beans Wool will release instructions on their blog with what to do everytime something happens on the show. In the end, I will have decoded the pattern and made something. It is supposed to be some kind of shawl but I have no idea what it will look like.  Justin is a little surprise at this level of knitting nerdity.

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Huddle up!

Alright team, huddle up! Things are about to get serious.  Oh wait.  I don't have a team.  It is just me!  Ahhhhhh!!!!!!!  As some of you may know, I like to live life as if I am floating down a river.  I like to lay back and enjoy the quiet parts, reading, knitting, doing nothing productive when nothing is going on.  And then we hit the rapids.  I like that too!  I like to paddle as long as I can.  I like the adventure of it.  I like the non-stop busy and to challenge myself in the area of how much can I take on.  I like all that as long as I know the rapids are just a section of the river.  Know what I mean, Vern?

I think around the holidays, life is a pretty big section of rapids for just about everybody.  We have school parties, Christmas performances, friend parties, family parties, work parties, decorating, shopping, and wrapping.  I went and had a baby in December so we get to add in celebrating the existence of my favorite little guy.  My work always gets crazy around the holidays.  People always want to serve others around the holidays which is awesome, but it makes for some tired elves.  In addition to regular work duties, we are coordinating parties that other people are throwing, gift wish lists, delivering gifts, etc.  I also do this while working part time while my kids are in school for the most part. And then they have the audacity to take two weeks off for winter break!

This is where I get to me calling for my team that I don't have.  In September I started planning and prepping for a budget modification proposal for the grant I work on.  It would allow me to house two more families and work a few more hours a week.  It was submitted finally, in November.  It was just approved today.  So.... that means the week before Christmas I add on 3 more hours a week of work.  The first 2 weeks in January I move in 5 new clients and do all the things that go along with that (which is a lot).  And it is also end of the quarter and halfway through our fiscal year. So I will be doing monthly, quarterly and semi annual reports at the same time.  Oh and the powers that be are also releasing the application to extend the grant at the same time.  Isn't it sometimes not convenient to have Christmas and New Years midweek?

In addition to all this fun, I got a second job!  It was a necessity and I was going to be looking elsewhere, but this amazing opportunity fell in my lap.  I am going to be watching my nephew three days a week.  I think it is seriously the best possible situation to still allow me to do kid school stuff and spend time with them and make some extra cash that is seriously needed.  (I don't enjoy the financial rapids section of life.) I am also very excited to get to form a close relationship with my nephew and get to hang with him. I will be working one way or another, full time +.  I am going to be the master juggler of responsibilities until I figure this whole thing out.  But I do get to sleep at night and that is nothing to scoff at.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Hello technology

I used to be a faithful poster. Then life happened. Then there were computer issues. Then I spent less time on the computer. Then I spent even less time on the computer. Then my phone took over the majority of my computer needs. Look at what happened! I got around to looking for an app that lets me post from my phone. Does this mean I will post all the time? Who knows. I have many apps that I never use. But chances are a lot better now that I can post while sitting in the car one of the many times I sit waiting. I don't promise fun. I don't promise intrigue. I don't even promise complete sentences.  But here I am. 

Friday, August 9, 2013


Is this thing on?

Ava turned 7 this week.  I am not sure how that happened exactly but I know that she has really grown up a lot in the last year. I notice differences all the time. She has turned into a great reader. Her top teeth are finally starting to come in. She has hung out with friends from school and Daisy Scouts.  She talks about being an art teacher and a singer when she grows up.  This summer she went to a theater day camp.  Poor kid missed the cut off by a week to be in the older group with all of her friends from school and she didn't even complain.  She put on a performance at the end of the week.  I have never seen her more confident.  She clearly enjoyed herself and wanted to do well.  She has signed up to take a theater class this fall.  She is so excited.  When she is 8 she can audition for a part in the big shows they do.  I am sure she wishes she could now but I am ok with easing into the after school activities.

Anyway, the say of her birthday she had a friend spend the night and we had cake.  She had a great time.

Rhys, of course, needed to make himself part of the sleepover. 

Ava is having her first school friend party this weekend.  Family and school friends are all going roller skating.  I am going to ignore the fact that this causes me an insane amount of anxiety and just show up and let the party hostess we are paying for run the whole thing.

School starts in a little over a week.  It has actually been a pretty good summer.  I feel like we have had a good mix of hanging out with friends and being home.  I know we have had some crazy weekends that have caused the kids to just want to sit and play at home for a day.  I have been working one day during the week.  It makes a long day for me but it works well for our summer fun schedule.  I am looking forward to school starting only so I can have more of a routine again.  I am not looking forward to having to find a place for Rhys to go for my hour long afternoon meetings.  I hate to even think of rushing him growing up because they are both turning into such kids instead of babies, but it will be nice for him to be in school only for work purposes.  

Speaking of Rhys.  He is a maniac. He is so sweet and helpful.  And then so sneaky and destructive. This summer he has carved up the coffee table, cut holes in clothing, and attempted to cut holes in screens. He is so frustrated that he doesn't know how to read because he can see the difference it makes for Ava.  He will figure it out soon enough.  Justin, my sister-in-law, and I are all doing a workout series.  (We are a week in, Justin has lost almot 4 pounds, Diana -2, and me +1.) Rhys will do the whole thing right along with me.  It is so funny to listen to him try to breathe like he is working out.  I don't think any of it is really that hard for him though.  He is convinced that he wants to take Karate classes.  We are looking into it but all of the local places are apparently stupidly expensive. We need to redirect his energy!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

I refuse!

A while ago I had printed out a year plus of my blog into a book format.  Ava has always liked to look at it because there are a lot of pictures of her in it.  It is more or less her first year of life.  Interesting thing happened yesterday.  She decided to READ the book.  I suddenly felt a little bit panicky.  What had I said? Is it ok for her to be reading it?   She seemed to really enjoy it and sat there reading it for over an hour.  It inspired me to keep going. 

Life around here is just busy.   My 31 business has been pretty constant.  I am still working part time aside from that and now most of the hours are actually during the day which is really different.  I am also babysitting one morning a week.  The weeks just are over so quickly.  I have so many random jobs from around the house that don't quite get done and are put off until the following week.  Sooner or later I realize it has been a month or two or more.  

Spring starts tomorrow and I am definitely ready for winter to be over.  I know we have a few weeks before the weather actually changes, but just knowing we are close is awesome.  

So anyway, today was a day that just tried to be bad.  I was supposed to help out in Rhys' class.  I signed up a couple months ago.  I couldn't remember the details of when I was supposed to be there, just that today was the day.  So I had no plans to go into work, like I normally do while he is in school.  I drop him off and ask the teacher who got him out of the car (not his teacher) if I come into help now or if it is later. She said it is the last hour of the day.  I go to Target and get some cleaning supplies I had run out of and cat and dog food.  I come home, feed the cats and go back to the school to help.  I knock on the door and the teachers were like "Oh, you were supposed to be here the first half of the day." I explain what happened and they felt really bad.  I am going to have to find another day to go in.  Anyway, I then go out to the car and decide to just call some clients and things like that while I wait instead of driving back home.  Rhys gets in the car and is a mess.  He had been up late the night before and just couldn't handle life.  This continues on for the next hour or so.  He finally falls asleep while watching a show.  Meanwhile, I find that a cat puked up the new food and the dog peed on the floor.  Then I notice it is really chilly in the house.  I look and the heat is up to 70 but it is 63 in the house.  The furnace is broken again.  It seriously breaks every single winter, 6 years running. Fast forward a couple hours and I have a doctor's appointment.  It is supposed to be pretty fast, in and out.  A friend so nicely agreed to watch Rhys and Ava so they didn't have to go with.  An hour and 45 minutes later I finally get called into a room.  I leave and text my friend to say I am finally on my way and get stuck in stand still traffic because of an accident.  We end up getting fast food for dinner because it is now almost 7 and we are hungry and I have nothing made for dinner.  I end the night with finding that the kids had thrown out their garbage including the melted ice cream they had for dessert into the garbage can with no bag in it.  I felt like the day wanted me to be in a bad mood and I just wasn't feeling it. I did not want to be in a bad mood! I don't know how much longer I could hold out, but it worked.  I didn't let the day beat me. I was probably a little crabby here and there, but not overall.