Tuesday, November 24, 2015


So I have been asked to blog by a few people. Little do they know I have been blogging for a decade. Just off and on... And more off than on in the last 5 years. But that isn't the point! I am blogging. The end.

Isla is on a roll with the talking thing. Her new word is "eat." I brought some amazing tacos home after work today and when I opened the container she said, "Eat! Eat! Eat!" She also calls Enrique "Kiki" which is pretty cute. She seems to really love him. 

I am exhausted from Isla trying to sleep on my face last night so I can't say too much. One more day of work this week and it couldn't come at a better time. Jeans tomorrow! Who would think that getting to wear jeans would make me so happy? It just does. It is a trickle down effect. Everything is more comfy when I can wear jeans.

Monday, June 1, 2015

Can we just discuss this?

 I like to overwhelm myself. I mean, really, truly, over-commit and overwhelm myself.  I can't help it. It is like a compulsion. I work better under pressure. If I pause I lose momentum. 

Update which is relevant, we have decided to definitely go with private school. Justin hit a car this weekend and messed his car up. He is taking it in for an estimate and we are debating all the possible scenarios of what that could look like. Taking on a car payment is a very bad idea. 

Recently I have been debating working full time. Like full time at just one job. 40 hours a week, m-f, 9-5. It hasn't quite sat right with me. The kids' school just posted a part time librarian position. I think I need to investigate this further. I think I may need to do this. This would bump me to full time hours at three different jobs. Isla would definitely need childcare. But would also keep me looser and freer in the summers and breaks. It seems like it could be a creative 
solution. It also seems like a horribly stupid idea. I'm not sure which one will win.

Sunday, May 31, 2015

What the what???

Things have been super busy with end of the school year activities and other such life type things. 

With the school situation... We began registering the kids for public school and it suddenly was just not right. Every conversation I had with someone from the school was the opposition of reassuring. We still pushed on. Then the principal of the current school asked us what needed to happen to make us stay. We discussed the financial needs and concerns and he encouraged us to apply for financial aid. So we decided to apply and see what happens and make our decision after that. That is still pretty much where we are officially, only in order for them to process the financial aid application, you do have to register, so we did that and paid the registration fee. So we will of course use the logic of "well we don't want to waste that $350, so we better spend $10,000 more." We still have no idea what we will really do. I feel confident that we will stick with the school and somehow the money will be provided, though it does seem like road blocks keep coming up. 

We have 3.5 days of school left this year. I am half looking forward to break and half not. Mornings will be easier and work will be harder. I need to get my "I'm bored" jar all ready to go. I'm not listening to that all summer.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Back and forth

I just did it. I just dropped off the registration packet for private school again. I just can't let it go.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

The rest of the trip and then some

Work started and it sucked away my will to do anything so there isn't a whole lot to say about that. I did venture into Old Town and made a friend from New York but I don't even really know her name. I didn't see anything cool and ate a lot of southwestern style food. I did finish my book which was great. I also figured out how to download rented movies one iPad so I had something to watch on the way home. It definitely made the flight more enjoyable.

I loved coming home to my babies. Isla was fully crawling, starting to pull herself up and had learned to blow raspberries. All of this in 4 days. She also was very constipated. It was overall a strange training. Usually I get tons of ideas and am excited to come home and get back to work. This was not the case at all. I am actually dreading returning to work. There have been a lot of changes at work lately and it is a different environment. There has been a lot of wait and see and so far I am not seeing anything good. 

I also officially told the school that we won't be returning next year. I am confident that we are making the right decision for our family. I am glad I am not locked into my job for the tuition money (still am for life money, but we will see what the year brings) as I am feeling the call to be home more and have been reminded of what I wanted to be doing when I was previously planning on eliminating work.

In other news I got a free journaling app. I feel compelled to use it but I am not sure why or how it would be an different then this except it could be just for me. It would be pretty cool on my pretend Mac.

Monday, April 13, 2015

New Mexico trip day 1

 In honor of the new book I am reading (you will understand in a little while) I am inspired to blog about the minute by minute activities of my trip. Plus I am traveling alone and I might as well be productive while talking to myself. 

Left the babies this morning and didn't cry though I wanted to. I always think about what happens if my plane crashes while I am gone. I send Justin texts updating my wishes for him and the kids if I die. It is probably his favorite part about me traveling. I got through security in record time. It was awesome. No yelling by any employees. I actually questioned briefly if I was still in Chicago. Everyone was so friendly. 

Stopped and bought a book. It is the third Bridget Jones book. I didn't even know it existed!

Got Starbucks and earned a point towards my rewards. Win win! I am on company money for food by this point so it feels like a free for all. There is obviously a budget but it is bigger than mine would be!

Almost got left behind because they forgot to call my group for boarding and I just sit there waiting my turn like the good little rule follower that I am. I have the back of the plane to myself. The guy across from me is watching all the movies I want to be watching on his MacBook that I wish I was owning. Jerk. How did he do that? I meant to download movies to my iPad and o forgot mainly because that would also require me figuring out how to do it.

Started knitting project and listened to my downloaded podcasts. (See! I can download things.) Started reading the new book. She is divorced!!!  This is all sorts of wrong. It better improve. Her play by play of her kids is funny. Maybe it will redeem the story.

I had vaguely looked up things to do in Albuquerque but never really mapped it out. It turns out that I am no where near any cultural sights. I am buy a mall and lots of chain food options. So... I Wales to a new food place I had never been to, went to a liquor store and got Justin a beer as a gift and went into the mall to get some bubble bath. A bubble bath in the middle of the afternoon without being interrupted is definitely not something I normally get to do. I read for a while, went and got a pedicure and got dinner. I got an email reminding me of work I need to get done soon. I have quite a list for the week which is just annoying. I just can't get into it today. I really miss my babies and the only thing that is good is trying to make it a me day.  Back to reading in bed and hopefully a long night of sleep.(Bridget did NOT get divorced. Whew.)

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

this is not a computer

At Bible study today, I got into a discussion about Macbooks.  I want one.  My heart dreams of one.  Why? I don't know. It is a truly worldly desire.  We discussed the benefits of streamlining apple products and all that.  She said that if I have a keyboard and an ipad then I don't really need a laptop.  I do indeed have those things so I decided to just pretend for tonight that I had a macbook.  It so far hasn't really worked that well. I am sure things will improve when I get used to the tiny little keyboard and stop making so many keying errors.  But I tried to update the format of my blog as well.  Correct some outdated links that had been pointed out to me (http://everydaymomlife.com) and it wasn't letting me do it.  I couldn't pick a new template.  There are things that I just can't do on an ipad. Mind you it isn't a ton but there are things.  Bonus of using my ipad: finding pictures the kids have taken in my camera roll.

My van needs new brake pads and tie rods.  This is actually not all bad.  My sister's boyfriend is replacing the brake pads on Thursday.  The tie rods are actually covered under the warranty that we bought on the van.  There was already other repairs needed that would be covered under waranty so I am trying to pick a day next week when the kids don't have school and I don't have work, to just bring it in.  There are some logistics that make this hard. The main one is to take it in for free to have things fixed under warranty we have to go about an hour out of our way.  I could take it to the Nissan dealership close by, but that is $50.  At this point, I am that cheap to take it in for free and go out of my way.

In other news Isla has learned to sit up by herself and get into the sitting position.  I knew she was sort of close to figuring it out this weekend and today she just got it. She can't do it every time but she knows what she is doing.  She is also working on her bottom teeth.  You can see the little white spots where they will come in.  She smiles in a way that just shows off her gums.  It is like she wants me to see that something is happening.  We are working on more baby foods.  She still doesn't love eating but she doesn't mind it.  She would rather taste what we are having.  I don't mind it, but she hasn't really figured out the whole chewing thing.

We seem to be pretty set now on public school.  I don't see anything really changing our minds.  One quarter left at our current school.  I am sure it will go by quickly and then I might start freaking out. For now we are fine.  I think Justin is very relieved that we only have one more tuition payment to make. I know I am!